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R.I.P. Leo

Leo, this name has been forgotten for a long time, it was my first online nickname.

In 2005, I was still in kindergarten when my family bought our first computer. It had a white casing, a Benq keyboard, Ghost-burned XP, and an Energy Star logo that flashed by. Sitting in front of the computer always had a mysterious sense of ritual. I vaguely remember having computer classes in kindergarten, where the cathode-ray tube monitor would slowly light up, and we would just open the drawing program and doodle. I never imagined that I would embark on a path closely related to computers. At that time, I even had a special feeling towards computers, a sense of awe. Humans created computers, created GUI, created the mouse, what a wonderful thing.

With the help of my mother's colleague, I created my first QQ account. At that time, QQ pets and the song "QQ Love" were popular everywhere. I thought for a moment and gave myself a less mainstream name for my QQ account, Leo. I also gave my QQ pet, which I hatched from an egg, the Leo constellation as its reward.

Because my mother didn't like me to "go online" frequently when I was a child, my QQ account quickly died under my care. My mood plummeted to freezing point. After begging my mother for several days during a lunchtime, I finally gained her pity and made a deal with her. I agreed to exchange my academic performance for a resurrection pill.

It was still that summer, the midday sun was scorching, and everything around me was painted in a dazzling yellow. In that summer, that teenage summer, I carried my AmyCall flip phone and hummed songs from the reality show "Super Boy". With 1 yuan for 1MB of data, I was beaten by my mom for sending text messages to buy songs. I walked on the road, living in my own world.

As I grew up, I quickly changed this name. Actually, I really dislike changing names because it signifies the end of a story. I hate endings.

QQ pets were going to shut down. Every product will have that day. In this era where data determines life, every product will die, and all account and character data will be cleared. From 2009 until now, this little penguin named "Leo" has been with me for 9 years. Now, even if I want to see that penguin that got married to my elementary school friend's pet, or see the penguin that I raised with pocket money to buy diamonds, it is nowhere to be found.

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