RSS3 & CrossBell CoFounder Usagi 🫡

Using 12 pictures to bid farewell to 2022.

There are many things I want to say, but I choose Zhang Shier to represent me in the past year.

January: Offshore waters of Jiliu Island
Kiss the first fish I caught this year.

February: Auckland City Center
RSS3 Token Launch, hoping the K-line will be as high as the tallest green building in the southern hemisphere.

March: Huakato Satellite Station
Go chasing stars.

April: Taobo Lake
Bitcoin Accept Here.

May: Auckland City Center
A confusing month.

June: Internet

July: Okinawa
Met Guo Yuxing in Japan, exchanged ideas with the local Web3 community, and shared experiences.

August: Singapore
Singapore Digital Economy Forum, shared some experiences with Singaporean parliament members, the chairman of TradeChina, and Mr. Liang.

September: North Shore of Auckland
The first NFT PHANTA BEAR #114 that can be used offline.

October: Singapore
Met Wu Jihan at Token2049, he is a very enthusiastic person.

November: Singapore
Went around and attended DEVCON, returned to Singapore, met Vitalik, and talked a lot about the future of RSS3 and Crossbell...

December: Auckland
The busy year has taken a toll on my body. After returning to New Zealand, I spent three weeks in the hospital before my body gradually stabilized. I have thought a lot. Maybe my physical body may not be here, but my spirit or soul is always present. 2023 will still be a year of hard work for me.
Looking back at the stars I chased this year, they are still quietly watching me from the vast sky. At this moment, I look up at them.

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