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Some thoughts on shark fins

The shark fin is actually a "principal-protected income certificate" product in the traditional financial industry. As long as the institution selling it to you doesn't go bankrupt, you can basically get the reference annualized return at the time of purchase.

Refer to the following image:
Screenshot2023-07-14 15.27.39

The explanation is actually very clear, and everything is settled in U. It is more like a very conservative financial product, with a reference annualized return of 4% for 3 days.
Assuming a principal of 10,000 USDT

Settlement price falls within the range:

10,000∗0.04/365∗3=3.2810,000*0.04/365*3 = 3.28

Settlement price falls within the better range:

10,000∗0.045/365∗3=3.6910,000*0.045/365*3 = 3.69

Settlement price falls within the best range:

10,000∗0.0938/365∗3=7.0910,000*0.0938/365*3 = 7.09

Thinking about it this way, there's really nothing to criticize, but because of its 100% stability, you should compare it to a bank's fixed deposit for three days, and it can be rolled over for perpetual rolling deposit. In a sense, it's also very attractive.

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