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The Drunkard's Toast

I returned to the tavern and shivered several times
The outside is still lively, but everyone looks drunk

Cheers to friendship, cheers to impermanence
Cheers to every separation in life
Cheers to forgetting, cheers to aging
Cheers to the boundless universe

Cheers to fear
Cheers to distant travels
Cheers to betrayal, cheers to knowledge
Cheers to the first steps and the first heartbeats

Cheers to rules, cheers to order
Also cheers to chaos and having nothing to rely on
Cheers to lies, cheers to vows
Cheers to the survivors on the shore and proud white geese

Cheers to guardians, cheers to the disheartened
Cheers to sincerity, also cheers to greed
Cheers to singers, cheers to dancers
Cheers to old scholars
Cheers to politicians, cheers to old dogs
Cheers to everyone

Cheers to anyone, cheers to anyone
Cheers to stars, cheers to planets
Cheers to the deadly black hole, also cheers to the noisy meteor
Cheers to satellites, cheers to dust
Cheers to the insignificant dwarf planet
Cheers to the passing comet

Cheers to the boss, cheers to the maid
Cheers to the Milky Way Hotel, cheers to ourselves

A slightly changed self in the order

Everyone shouts, hugs, cries, and sings in the loud music
Everyone is shining, including me
"Don't mind them," the boss leans on the bar and says
"These people are like this every day, they forget everything after drinking, and the next day they come back here pretending nothing happened."
"Every day?"
"Every day."

I don't know how long I slept on the bar
I only remember waking up when it was already dark outside
My whole body is sore, especially my pounding headache, this alcohol is terrible
The tavern is surprisingly quiet, those weird guys are all gone
Only the boss remains, wiping the glasses with a patched cloth

"Where are they?" "Working hours"
"What about the maids?" "Sleeping time"
"And you?" "Cleaning time"
The boss never looks at me when he speaks

"By the way, the traveler who claims to have nothing," he wipes his nose
"Do you want to forget? Your things, those painful things"
I stand there, looking into his eyes
I don't know if it's because I'm drunk or something else
His eyes have blue lakes, just like the pond in front of my house

"I choose to remember"
I take out my watch and throw it on the table
"If all this pain goes away, how can I prove that I am me?"
"Who the fuck am I, boss?"
He looks at me and starts laughing

Author: Jin Chengzhi

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